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Spring is Here and it’s the Perfect Time to Detox.

Spring detox and cleanse

Since ancient times, people have done some sort of cleanse at this time of year. In fact, for

some, it is a religious ritual. Spring symbolizes a time of renewal, new growth, a fresh start.

It makes sense to do a cleanse at this time of year:

• Our bodies are naturally in sync with the seasons. Our body's natural primal response in the winter is to hold onto food more to help keep us warmer.

• In the winter months we also tend to pack on a few pounds from drinking and eating more of the not-so-healthy foods during the holidays.

I want to tell you it doesn’t need to be that hard to reset. You can do something as simple as

drinking more water throughout the day, and adding lemon water to your routine every morning.

So, don’t get stressed out thinking about only drinking juices as a cleanse.

I do recommend that you avoid, or better yet, eliminate processed foods like sugar, caffeine,

grains and moldy foods (peanuts and dairy for example) for at least 10 days.

Add lots of green vegetables:

Some examples are chard, collard greens, kale, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, chicory and


Eat high quality protein:

Lamb, spinach, grass fed beef, wild salmon.

Fermented foods are also important to incorporate, as they support your gut:

Kefir, kimchi, yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha and pickles are great options.

Fiber is important too:

Since we are avoiding grains for now, enjoy fruits like raspberries, bananas, pears and

blueberries which are great sources of fiber.

Part of a good detox includes taking care of yourself physically and mentally too:

Try some yoga, a bath with essential oils, go out for a run, dry brushing before a shower (to help remove metabolic waste from the body), getting rest whenever you feel you need it, and meditation.

So wherever you are in the detox journey, whether you’ve never done one before, or you’re a

pro at it, the key thing to take from this is that it doesn’t need to be complicated. You will feel better, physically and mentally for sure, and perhaps spiritually as well.

I’ll be back to share more with you in a few weeks. Feel free to leave a reply below with

questions, comments, or concerns, or you can shoot me an email.

As always, the best wealth is health!



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