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Sugar Detox

sugar detox

Sugar be Gone!

Sugar is sneaky. Those holiday cookies your grandma made, the vanilla latte you needed in the morning, even the bag of potato chips you had as a snack at lunch. They all have sugar.

So what are the top reasons sugar is so bad?

  1. Sugar is inflammatory

  2. It is addictive

  3. It causes tooth decay

  4. It causes premature aging

  5. It increases your cortisol levels giving you a belly

  6. It increases risk of depression

  7. Can cause breakouts

  8. Causes weight gain

Ew. Gross, right? I know I don’t want any of those problems.

But sugar makes things taste good, and is in A LOT of foods. You don’t realize how much sugar is in certain foods. We know the main culprits (soda, candy, etc.), but it’s even in that boiled potato you ate for dinner. The key to begin to not rely on sugar is to detox. This can be done through cleanses or changing your diet, but the key is dedication. If you follow these guidelines, you will be on your way to kicking that sugar habit for good.

Throw away any sugary or high carb foods

  • You know there are a lot of foods that contain sugar like starches and grains.. Potatoes, pasta and bread are a few.

Be aware of the temptations before you act on them

  • Pay attention to what makes you want sugar. For example: Do you actually want that piece of chocolate? Or did something happen that frustrated you? - it’s very common to emotionally eat.

Eat regularly and get enough sleep

  • It goes without saying, that if you keep your mind and body in balance, you can accomplish anything. Getting those 8 hours of sleep we all need also helps keep cravings away.

Find a friend and challenge each other

  • It’s always helpful when you can rely on another person to hold you accountable.

Don’t give up easily

  • Persistence is key. Soon you will get to the point, where you will be able to see where/how sugar negatively affects you.

Make smarter food choices

  • By tweaking your food choices you can begin to ease your cravings. Simple replacements like sparkling water for soda, or fresh berries for dessert are a few of the things I do to keep those cravings at bay.

Change up your diet

  • Increase healthy fat sources (like avocado and olive oil). By eating more fats, we feed our brain, which lets the body know we are filling up on the good nutrients we need to thrive

  • Eat more protein at breakfast. It keeps you full longer, lessening the number of snacks you have.

Choose complex carbs like leafy greens over bread

  • Fill up on chard and brussel sprouts before diving into that loaf of bread.

Have healthy snacks on hand

  • Keep munchable snacks on hand like celery and almond butter or carrots and hummus.

Manage stress

  • Go for walks to blow off steam, or relax in a face mask while soaking your feet. Whatever you need to do to keep the stress away.

The journey will be a hard one, but it will be so worth it. I promise your energy levels will increase, mood will change, your body and skin will look better than ever, and the best part, your insides will be thanking you.

I’ll be back to share more with you in a few weeks. Feel free to leave a reply below with questions, comments, concerns or you can shoot me an email.

As always the best wealth is health! XO, Cat

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1 Comment

Sep 10, 2021

The blog on sugar really motivates me to eradicate it from my diet. I am also learning that sugar is destructive to your brain, so a diet heavy on sugar increases the likelihood of dementia /alzheimer's disease later in life. Thanks for the very practical tips on how to break the habit. The idea of a lose-the-sugar competition is really cool.

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