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Celery juice

benefits of celery juice

Growing up, celery was eaten with peanut butter, ranch, in chicken soup or was used by celebrities to lose weight. It wasn’t the favorite, and it’s not usually a person's go-to. But it should be!

Celery is a negative calorie and filling snack. Did you know that celery isn’t a vegetable, but an herb? And it has very potent healing effects.

By consuming celery everyday, the body produces hydrochloric acid and enzymes (which aid your digestive system) and helps with yeast and fungus overgrowth, viral infections, food allergies, acid reflux, inflammation, anxiety, fatigue, skin conditions and has cancer fighting antioxidants (according to ​Anthony William​ - medical medium).

Now that celery has become more popular, the ways you can consume it has become more accessible and innovative. Any juice bar you frequent will have a celery shot, or celery based juice available to you. And juicers are more affordable. There’s no excuse to not juice, drink, or snack on some celery.

I know for some of you drinking it sounds gross, but I promise with time, your taste buds will change and it will be quite pleasant to drink, especially after seeing and feeling the many great health benefits!

I drink about 8-16oz per day. I challenge you to try it for 30 days and let me know what you think and how you feel.

I'll be back to share more with you in a few weeks. Feel free to leave a reply below with questions, comments, concerns or you can shoot me an email.

As always, the best wealth is health!

XO, Cat

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